Becky G Net Worth
Net Worth $8 million
Source of income Actress, singer, artist, song-writer
Full Name Rebecca Marie Gomez
Also known as Becky G
DOB March 2, 1997
Age 23
Birthplace Inglewood, California, USA
Gender Female
Height 5′
Years Active 2008 to present
Recent Update September, 2019

Becky G, real name Rebecca Marie Gomez, is an American artist, songwriter and an actress. With a net worth of around $8 million, she is a member of the pantheon of Latina artists who have found great success in song writing and acting. Born in California, Becky G has a string of highly successful albums, singles and cameo appearances in movies primarily aimed at children and a younger demographic.

Gomez is often confused as Selena Gomez’s sister, owing to their namesake and their origin. However, they are not related anyhow and merely share the last name (Gomez) and the same origin (both are of Mexican descent). She is an accomplished artist, having many songs with millions of views on streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Early life

Becky G was born Rebecca Marie Gomez on March 2, 1997 in Inglewood California, to Mexican-American parents residing in California. The oldest of four siblings, Gomez has two brothers and a younger sister.

Gomez started her career with a few odd jobs she did around Inglewood to help her family stay afloat, when at the age of nine, her family fell upon hard times and were evicted from their house. From there on, they went to live in their grandparent’s house, more specifically, in their rent-free garage which they converted into a home. It was at this time that the young Gomez realised that she would have to step up, take a new direction for her life and start earning whatever she could to help with the family’s troubled financial life.

Growing up in Moreno Valley, she had a few part-time jobs to help her family; the work she got included some voice-over work for local film producers, local adverts and commercials. While this did bring in the much-needed money, Gomez later recalled that this became a point of contention for her classmates at the public school she attended; she was bullied for her appearances on TV, to the point where she had to drop out of school and had to be home-schooled.

Career (2008-present)

Acting, covering songs (2008-12)

Gomez got her first big break into the acting career from two movies which she was casted into the same year i.e. 2008. The first one was a short film titled El Tux, which saw the young Gomez play as Claudia Gomez, with the second project being a television film, La estacion de la Calle Olvera, which was a project by the channel Discovery.

After her stint in Hollywood, Gomez began to gravitate towards her musical ambitions, and in this regard, joined an all-girl group named G.L.A.M. With this group, Gomez recorded her first-ever song; a music video titled ‘JellyBean’, which saw its release in 2009. At the same time, while affiliated with the band, she began remixing and recording songs for her own; this effort of hers was bolstered by the help of remixing duo The JAM. With their help, Gomez began remixing and covering the popular songs of that time and uploaded them to platforms like YouTube and GarageBand. She covered the following hot songs in 2011, which made her a star in her own right,

  • Otis (Jay Z, Kanye West)
  • Novacane (Frank Ocean)
  • Boyfriend (Justin Bieber)
  • Lighters (Eminem, Royce da 5’9”)
  • Take Care (Drake)

With these covers, Gomez had also written and sung a song titled ‘Turn the Music Up’. These all were bunched up in a mixtape titled @itsbeckygomez. However, it was never released and never saw the light of the day.

However, this was not the end of it. Her cover of the song ‘Otis’ caught the attention of a producer Dr Luke, a high-profile artist and producer who had previously worked with pop royalty Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus. He called Gomez up and scheduled a meeting/ demo with her, wherein she told him that she played the record, could write and sing songs. Following the meeting, she was signed to Luke’s record Kemosabe Records, a branch of RCA Records.

Kemosabe Records, acting (2012-15)

Her first single after signing to the record was ‘Problem’, which featured the song blew up overnight, especially after it was featured on the popular animated movie Hotel Transylvania. Originally released as an audio, the film catapulted the song to new heights of popularity, prompting both artists to record a video for the song, which shows both artists in the virtual hotel while movie scenes play in the background.

After the success of her first song, Gomez went on to feature in a host of other songs published by artists including Cher Lloyd and Kesha; these are enlisted below,

  • Wish U Were Here (Cody Simpson)
  • Oath (Cher Lloyd)
  • Die Young (Kesha, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa)

Her official debut song was release in 2013. Titled ‘Becky from the Block’, the song is a play and officially a cover of Jennifer Lopez’s song ‘Jenny from the Block’, which earned her critical acclaim and fame, including a cameo appearance by the older Lopez herself. In May of the same year, Gomez released ‘Play It Again’, a promotional single that was not intended for the album and instead was more a marketing attempt.

Her first album, also titled ‘Play It Again’, was released on July 13 2013, containing singles ‘Built For This’ and ‘Can’t Get Enough’. These singles saw enormous success with audiences worldwide and had her nominated for an award. She closed 2013 with another single, ‘Quiero Bailar’ (All Through the Night), which featured artist 3Ball MTY. The song was a hit as it saw Gomez singing and rapping in both English and Spanish, which flew well with her fanbase.

2014 saw new successes for the Latina artist, as she released a single ‘Shower’, which garnered a lot for the artist. The single topped the Billboard Top 100 charts at number 20, making it her second entry on the coveted list. It was eventually an even more resounding success; the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) certified it multi-platinum, which denoted that sales of well over 2 million have been achieved for the record.

Soon after the success of the single, she was approached to be the representative of CoverGirl and as such, filmed commercials and a bunch of adverts for the company.

As a successful Latina artist, she went on to open for Katy Perry and Demi Lovato for their tours and headlined as major sensation there. From 2014 to 2016, she released a string of other songs, enumerated below,

  • Como Tu No Hay Dos (Thalia)
  • Lovin So Hard (own)
  • We are Mexico (own)
  • Break a Sweat (own)
  • Can’t Stop Dancin’ (J Balvin, on tour)
  • Wild Mustang (Yellow Claw)
  • For the Thrill (Yellow Claw)
  • You Love It (own)

She appeared as Trini in the reboot of the Power Rangers released in 2017 and as Valentina Galindo in two episodes of the popular serial Empire, which also added to the release of her two more singles, titled ‘New, New’ and ‘Do It’.

Latin music, films and Mala Santa (2017- present)

After filming Power Rangers, Gomez started again on song-writing, this time with a host of her own released songs and features on other artists, including Pitbull, Lil Jon and Yandel. These are listed as below,

  • Superstar (Pitbull)
  • Sola (own, released on June 24). To date, it is her first song to be sung entirely in Spanish. It topped at number 24 on the Latin Pop Songs chart.
  • Take It Off (Lil Jon)
  • Mangu (own), second single to follow the Sola release.

She opened for acts including Fifth harmony, further cementing her legacy as a successful mainstream Latina artist.

In 2018, Gomez was featured on the song ‘Mi Mala’ and ‘Mad Love’, the latter one being a brainchild of both David Guetta and Sean Paul. She furthered collaborated with other Latina artists, including ‘Sin Pijama’, which she performed with Natti Natasha.

She continued writing and performing songs in English, with her first in 2018 being ‘Zooted’, which she recorded alongside Farruko and French Montana. She further continued her movie commitments with AXL; released after Power Rangers, this too was a box-office bomb and did not perform well with audience sin America.

Gomez was featured in Kane Brown’s song ‘Lost in the Middle of Nowhere’, which was especially well-received, and alongside Colombian singer Maluma and Brazilian artists Anitta, she performed the song ‘Mala Mia’, was also performed well and was received particularly well among the Latina community.

Mala Santa is an album released by Gomez in October 2019, which features improved vocals and features from a ton of artists, including Mau y Ricky, Farruko and Zion & Lennox. This album was critically acclaimed and received honours for her work, winning Gomez an Extraordinary Evolution Award.

January 2020 saw Gomez team up with Carlos Rivera and Pedro Capo for the single ‘Perdiendo la Cabeza’. She worked more with South American artists, including Gente De Zona, Pitbull, De La Ghetto for a remix for ‘Mala’, which was her song from before.

Ventures outside of music, acting

In 2018, Gomez took her shot at cosmetics and makeup apparel, with the singer releasing her own line of makeup and cosmetics branded as ColourPop. It sold well and has contributed well to her net worth.

Becky G net worth

Becky G, as of 2020, has a net worth of a whopping $8 million. This is made possible by her cosmetics brand, and her various movies and albums which have garnered much fame and money for her.

Personal life

Becky G has been in a relationship with American football player Sebastian Lletget since 2016 and had before dated another artist Austin Mahone before him. She has an anxiety problem and has dealt with out-of-control fan attacks, which continue to exacerbate her condition.

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