From Lil to Big: Yo Gotti Net Worth
Net Worth $5.2 million
Source of income Hip hop artist, Rapper, Movie score producer
Full Name Mario Mims
Also known as Yo Gotti (previously Lil Yo, Big Gotti)
DOB May 19, 1981
Age 39
Birthplace Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Gender Male
Height 5′ 5”
Years Active 1996 to present
Recent Update September, 2019

First, he was Lil Yo, then he grew up to become Big Gotti. And in the third and (lets hope) final evolutionary stage, Mario Mims is now professionally known as Yo Gotti, a rap and hip-hop artist from Tennessee. The rap artist has certainly earned much; a quick search reveals Yo Gotti net worth as $5.2 million. He is the artist behind hits like ‘5 Star’ and ‘Women Lie, Men Lie’; his lyrical genius and beat making have catapulted him to a position where he is rightly considered a rap star.

Yo Gotti has released a healthy total of nine albums and has a music label group, Collective Music Group, which he has owned since its founding. In an era of rappers making big money from other labels and groups like Warner Music Group and the likes, Yo Gotti has remained fiercely independent and instead has focused on building his own above-mentioned music label.

Early Life

Mario Mims was born on May 19, 1981 in Memphis, Tennessee in the USA. As he himself puts it, he had a tough upbringing, as it has been the case, unfortunately, for many of his contemporaries. After his father bailed out on the family, as Mims recalls, his family got involved in some shady activities, which resulted in the FBI taking swift action. When he was in the third grade, Mims’ mother and aunts were busted by the agencies and were sentenced for 15 years, essentially putting him the foster care system. However, Mims took a liking to the rough neighbourhoods of Memphis and joined a crew of much older kids. His very unique moniker is a result of his name (Mario) being shortened to ‘Yo’ by his friends and like much of his other fellow artists, derives his name from the notorious New York gangster John Gotti.

Career (1996-present)

Mario got into rapping at quite a young age, and according to people who knew him at the time, was ‘pretty good’ and ‘knew his way around a verse’. His first act as a rapper was Lil Yo and he posted mixtapes with his friends ‘DJ Sound’.

Independently labelled albums (2000-2006)

While Gotti had started rapping at 14, he was still a long way from releasing music to audiences at an international and national level. His early attempts at music were not futile though; he was considered an emerging talent among the local Memphis populace and was an up and coming artist there. However, it was later on in the year 2000 when he began releasing mixtapes in the form of proper albums. According to several sources, Gotti churned out music as an independent artist for six years; between 2000 and 2006, he released a number of self-titled albums that saw moderate success with the Billboard Top Charts and audiences in America. These albums include,

    • From Da Dope Game To Da Rap Game, first album released in 2000. Introduced Gotti as a mainstay of the rap genre and introduced America to Gotti’s particular rap style and lyrical flow.
    • Self-Explanatory, second album released in 2001. Self-Explanatory further built on Gotti’s musical style and lyrical ability and further dug deep into the rap genre.
  • Life, third album, released in 2003. Life released with much fanfare from the local fan following but overall had a more lukewarm welcome elsewhere. Many had thought that what Gotti had achieved from his first two albums would stand to be all negated in the third one but luckily, it did not bomb at the Billboard Top 100 and instead gained a respectable lead over others.
  • Back 2 da Basics, last self-released album released in 2006. Back 2 da Basics capitalised on Gotti’s last album and doubled down with smooth raps and trap beats to land higher on the Billboard Top 100 than his previous albums. After this one, labels began approaching Gotti to get him to sign with them.    

Delay, TVT Records and Live from the Kitchen (2009-2012)

After his last album had released in 2006, Yo Gotti underwent a long three-year period without releasing any new work or mixtape. However, according to Gotti himself, he had the stuff ready, which faced a number of delays, contributing to the late release date. In the meanwhile, Gotti had signed up with TVT Records for an undisclosed amount of money dished out to him for every album he’d release while signed with them. The efforts of the studio and Gotti himself bore fruit eventually in 2012, when he released his first debut album signed by a major label.

January 2012 saw the release of Gotti’s first album signed by TVT Records, labelled ‘Live From The Kitchen’. It was an instant success and brought much fame back to Gotti, with a single ‘5 Star’ from the album performing exceptionally well, peaking at 79 on the Billboard Top 100. Another song from the same album titled ‘Women Lie, Men Lie’ also appeared on the Billboard Top 100 at 81 but performed better at the US R&B and US Rap Lists; at 22 and 12 respectively, this was a new high for Gotti.

However, overall, the album had not performed according to the expectations of the label, despite debuting at number 12 at the Top 200. In its first week of sales, the album managed to sell only 16,000 copies, with nearly 40,000 copies being sold over its lifetime. This wasn’t good enough for the record, RCA Records and Polo Ground Music, who had rappers with bigger numbers on their portfolios like Chris Brown and A$AP Rocky. Sensing the impending forced departure or golden handshake, Yo Gotti departed from the label on good terms and focused on getting his label up in the mainstream. To help with his label and its eventual launch, Gotti released a remix of his previously well-received mixtape ‘Cocaine Muzik’, with the remix being titled ‘Cocaine Muzik 7: The World is Yours’.

CMG, Epic Records, independency (2012-present)

After Gotti’s falling out with RCA and Polo Ground Music, the rapper sought a sponsor and a distribution deal with a major record producer, when his label CMG was approached by Epic Records through their mutual associate LA Reid. Through CMG and Epic Records, Gotti released his sixth album titled ‘I Am’, which peaked at 39 at the Hot Hip Hop Songs chart and also saw limited success at lists elsewhere. To complement the release of his debut album with the new label, Gotti released another remixed mixtape titled Nov 19th: The Mixtape. This was released solely to promote the album. It set numerous firsts for Gotti, including

  • ‘Act Right’ topped at 39 on the Hot R&B/ Hip Hop Songs and at 5 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart.
  • The entire album eventually got to the last at the Top 100, came 33rd at Hot R&B/ Hip Hop Albums and 24 on the Rap Songs chart.

The second single of the same album also saw good reception. ‘King Shit’ peaked at number 5 on the US Billboard and bought more mainstream success to the rapper. This particular song was played non-stop and prominently on the radios; the song was played on mainstream urban radio stations to much of the people’s requests; this is where Yo Gotti started receiving more attention from mainstream labels, bands and radio stations, who now wanted more from him in the term of songs and lyrics.

The Art of Hustle

Gotti’s subsequent album, titled The Art of Hustle saw daylight on February 19 in 2026 and smashed the rapper’s own previous records. It peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Top 200, further cementing his legacy and success as a rapper with huge appeal. ‘Down in the DM’ was another one of the many singles that were featured on this particular album; this specific song topped charts worldwide and in America, climbed to number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100.

2016, Roc Nation and Meghan Trainor

2016 August saw Gotti partner up with Meghan Trainor for her music video titled ‘Better’, which garnered a lot of views and subsequently introduced Gotti himself to more genres of the music and their respective personas. However, his big break came at the end of 2016, when his label CMG closed a big deal with rap prodigy Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation and signed several lucrative artists to the label.

2017, Epic Records and CMG

2017 was also a great year for the rap artist. It started off with a collaborative mixtape with Gotti featuring alongside Mike Will Made It, aptly called Gotti Made-It. The mixtape, aside from its single was also well-received and landed Gotti on the charts once again, albeit at a lower position than what his previous albums had did him for. The year also saw two of his albums being released in tandem; I Still Am and Untrapped (released in 2020), both of which performed well, earning him nominations and wins. In July of 2020, he dropped his first single ‘Recession Proof’ since going solo or ‘independent’.

Ventures outside of music

Yo Gotti’s label itself is signatory and handles rap artists and hip-hop celebs like Moneybagg Yo, Blac Youngsta and Blocboy JB. He also appeared in commercials and adverts for Shelby County Schools.

Yo Gotti net worth

Yo Gotti has a net worth of $5.2 million, all thanks to his musical escapades and his label, which a lot of top-tier music artists. He also has some property, which rakes in quite an amount every year. Also, Gotti charges a good amount for featuring or ghost-writing for other artists; which have contributed to his exceptional net worth.

Personal life

Little is known about the reclusive rap artist. He had a troublesome and humble upbringing, making his way to the top of the rap food chain. As of the current, Yo Gotti seems to be in a relationship with Yaya, a model who’d previously dated Floyd Mayweather.

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