The Expensivest: 2 Chainz Net Worth and Life
Net Worth $9 million
Source of income Rapper, Hip-hop artist, Presenter, Clothing, Basketball Stakeholder
Full Name Tauheed Epps
Also known as 2 Chainz (previously Tity Boi)
DOB September 12, 1977
Age 42
Birthplace College Park, Georgia, USA
Gender Male
Height 6′ 4 1/2”
Years Active 1997 to present
Recent Update September, 2019


Tauheed Epps, stage name ‘2 Chainz’ (formerly ‘Tity Boi’) is an American songwriter, artist and basketball player born in College Park, Georgia. A long-time native of Georgia, Epps is among the most popular rap/ hip-hop artists of today and has a net worth of $9 million, that he has amassed thanks to his musical ability and his various other business ventures. Signed currently to Def Jam Recordings, 2 Chainz is also the host of the popular internet show ‘The Expensivest’ by Viceland TV.

Epps has largely been successful as a songwriter and rap artists, with many of songs topping at 50 on the Billboard Hot 100, with many hit albums like ‘Based on a T.R.U Story’ going Gold-certified by the RIAA. He has also had a prolific basketball career, playing for the North Clayton High School basketball team and later on, becoming a pivotal player for Alabama State University’s basketball team.

Early life

Epps, born in the College Park area of Georgia on 12 September 1977, grew up in the lower-middle class part of the town. However, as a student, Epps excelled at school, graduating second from the institute, while also being the star basketball player. According to Epps himself, basketball is the one thing alongside music he is really passionate about, with the latter being a big part of his scholarship towards Alabama State University.

However, that’s not to say the rapper hasn’t had his fair share of trouble with the law-enforcement. At age 15, his unruly and delinquent side reared after he was arrested on a felony cocaine possession charge. He was also accused of dealing marijuana and cocaine to his colleague while at the school, which acted as a catalyst towards him taking up writing raps and creating music. It was in high school when Epps began writing rap verses alongside his classmates.

The future rapper was quick to turn around from his record and won a fully-funded scholarship to Alabama State University, where aside from his educational adroitness, he also aced basketball, eventually becoming indispensable for the Alabama State University basketball team.

Career: 1997-to date

Origins, Tity Boi

2 Chainz (then- Tity Boi) created the stage duo-persona ‘Playaz Circle’ alongside fellow rapper and long-time friend Earl Conyers, culminating in Chainz’s first album released: ‘United We Stand, United We Fall’ in 2002. Moderately successful, the album really gained traction after Atlanta-based rapper ‘Ludacris’ picked it up, pushing for the mixtape to be played at the local radio stations and himself remixing the track up while moonlighting as a DJ. The album proved the potential in 2 Chainz, with Ludacris signing the duo to his recording label, Disturbing Tha Peace. In 2007, the whole deal came to fruition and the duo released their first studio album ‘Supply & Demand’, with its lead single ‘Duffle Bag Boy’ featuring Lil Wayne quickly gaining an audience with the local community. However, his stay with the label was short-lived; after one more studio album with Disturbing Tha Peace, Chainz parted ways with the duo and the label, going for a solo career.

2 Chainz, Solo venture

In 2011, Epps surfaced again in the music world, only to have adopted the moniker ‘2 Chainz’ (which he uses to-date) and released his first solo album titled ‘T.R.U. REALigion’, featuring collab songs with the likes of superstars Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. A year later, 2 Chainz followed up with another album, this time hugely successful. Marketed as ‘Based on a T.R.U. Story’ and bolstered by the lead single ‘No Lie’ feat. Drake, 2 Chainz’s second solo album launched him into super-stardom, with the album debuting at the number one spot on the Billboard Top 200 and shipping nearly 150,000 units within a week. This was really big for the nascent rapper as it allowed him to go on sold-out tours all across America and the world. The album was subsequently nominated for three Grammys, culminating in a number of BET Hip Hop Award wins for the artist.

This also launched the rapper to new financial heights, as he managed to secure a number of endorsements deals with established, popular brands, boosting 2 Chainz’s net worth.

B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time-present

2 Chainz released his second studio album, ‘B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time’, in 2013. Dolla Boy collaborated with 2 Chainz once again for the album, as did Lil Wayne, Drake, Fergie, Pharrell Williams, T-Pain, Rich Home Quan, and many other high-profile artists. Although it wasn’t as successful as ‘Based on a T.R.U Story,’ the album received relatively better reviews.

In 2016, 2 Chainz released a collaborative album with Lil Wayne called ‘ColleGrove’. Later in the year, he released two more mixtapes. In 2017, 2 Chainz released his fourth studio album, ‘Pretty Girls Like Trap Music’. Once again, the album featured collaborations with a range of other artists, and it was incredibly well-received. At the time, critics stated it was his best album yet. In 2019, 2 Chainz released another studio album entitled ‘Rap Or Go To The League’.

2 Chainz net worth

The rapper owes much of his financial success to his incredible music feats and the sales numbers he’s pulled in from his records. For the 23 years he has been active, a good majority was spent as a solo venture, not signed to any major recording label. However, that has in no way impeded his earnings. As a matter of fact, his own net worth has shot up, with the Georgia rapper now boasting and incredible $9 million net worth. This was accentuated by several high-value purchases; lavish, extravagant properties, exotic cars, bling and clothes that fit his exuberant personality and are proof of 2 Chainz’s net worth of $9 million. He is among the richest rap stars of today and stands in line with successful and prolific artists like Eminem, Wiz Khalifa and a ton of other hip hop artists.

Business ventures outside music

2 Chainz has proved, time and again, that his business acumen is equally impressive as are his lyrics. He has had his hands in a number of business establishments over the years, including clothing lines, basketball ownerships and a number of stakes in companies like Beats by Dr Dre. He is also a current mainstay of Viceland’s popular show The Expensivest; as the name might suggest, 2 Chainz tries out and provides commentary on a wide range of exuberantly priced things and services: from a one-night stay at a $1 billion hotel to the most expensive cannabis cigars, he has a lot of fun trying out what the uber-luxury segment has to offer. Not that he can’t afford any of that.

CEO Millionaires/ Dabbing Sweaters

2 Chainz considers himself a connoisseur of clothing and footwear, so it would be apt that he launched his own clothing brand by the name of CEO Millionaires. But, in this instance, CEO does not stand for Chief Executive Officer. Rather, it is a take on Epps’ personal motivation and entrepreneurial vision called ‘Create Every Opportunity’. Stylised, the clothing company that deals exclusively in high-quality apparel including hoods is known as ‘Create Every Opportunity Millionaires’. This is in conjunction with his line of sweaters called ‘Dabbing Sweaters’, named after a dance move popularised by fellow hip-hop trio and Georgia-natives Migos.

The Expensivest– on Viceland

In 2017, 2 Chainz was tapped to be a presenter and the main focus of Vice’s upcoming show geared towards millennial millionaires, aptly titled ‘The Expensivest’. The show follows 2 Chainz in exploring what the ultra-luxury market segment has to offer: from cannabis-infused wine bottles to bar tables that range anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 for a night. 2 Chainz makes a hefty amount for every episode he presents of the popular show.

Brand endorsements: Adidas, Beats by Dr Dre

2 Chainz has had a number of brand endorsements deals over the years he has remained active in the music community. While there are many that have dished out millions to him over the years, the king of the hill were the endorsement deals with Adidas and Beats by Dr Dre, which catapulted his financial position from the $100,000 party to the exclusive million-club. Needless to say, the rapper earned a good amount of his fortune from the hefty pay-outs he received from these brands.

College Park Skyhawks

Following his love of basketball, 2 Chainz, in 2019, acquired a minority ownership stake in the Atlanta Hawk’s NBA G League affiliate, the College Park Skyhawks. This has further contributed to the increase in 2 Chainz net worth.

Personal life

Epps is married to his long-time girlfriend, Kesha Ward. The two eloped on August 18, 2018 and have three children; two daughters, Heaven (12) and Harmony (8) and a son Halo, born in 2015.

Legal matters

At the age of 15, Epps was convicted of felony cocaine possession. On February 14, 2013, Epps was arrested in Maryland en-route to a concert at UMES for marijuana possession. Epps was then cited and released.

On June 11, 2013, Epps was arrested while on board a departing flight at LAX airport for possession of a controlled substance after TSA agents found that his checked bag contained marijuana and promethazine. He was booked and charged with felony narcotics possession. Later that day he posted a $10,000 bond and was released. He was due back in court on June 21, 2013. Two days previous, he was reportedly robbed at gunpoint outside a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco.

Just before midnight on August 21, 2013, Epps’ tour bus was pulled over in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, because the passenger side tail lights were out. The arresting officer reported that he smelled marijuana and saw smoke through the open door of the bus after he had stopped and pulled over the bus. Police discovered two semi-automatic pistols and a 12-gauge pump shotgun, along with some prescription painkillers and marijuana residue, on the tour bus according to papers filed in Oklahoma County district Court. If you like it and want to read more articles like this reported times is the best place to visit.

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