Too Short Net Worth
Net Worth $15 million
Source of income Rap artist, hip hop singer, song-writer, actor
Full Name Todd Anthony Shaw
Also known as Too Short (or $hort Dogg)
DOB April 28, 1966
Age 54
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, USA
Gender Male
Height 5′ 5”
Years Active 1985 to present
Recent Update September, 2019

Too Short (also stylised as Too $hort) is an American rapper and record maker and has a net worth of $15 million. Too Short got renowned in the West Coast hip bounce scene in the mid-90s, with verses regularly dependent on pimping and indiscrimination, yet additionally drug culture and road endurance. The last mentioned, in tunes, for example, “The Ghetto” and the previous, in tunes, for example, “Blow the Whistle”.

A pioneer of West Coast rap, he started recording in 1983, drew prestige on Oakland’s underground rap scene, and marked a significant arrangement in 1987 with Jive Records, which delivered his collection Born to Mack. In 1989, his sophomore collection, Life Is…Too Short, drew wide notification, and he stayed noticeable into the 1990s.

Early life 

Shaw was born and experienced childhood in Los Angeles, California. In the mid-1980s, Shaw and his family moved to Oakland, California. He was a drummer in the band at Fremont High School in Oakland.

Career (1985-present)

During the 1980s, Shaw alongside a secondary school companion Freddy B, created custom melodies (called “uncommon solicitations”) locally on tape for individuals in Oakland and the Bay Area. In 1985, Too Short began his performance vocation and delivered his presentation collection, Don’t Stop Rappin’ on Oakland record name 75 Girls Records And Tapes which, alongside four 12″ discharges, included crude, basic rhythms from a LinnDrum drum machine. This was additionally one of the main hip jump records to utilize “bitch” – a word which got one of the rapper’s brand names and was the focal point of ensuing raps, for example, “Ain’t Nothin’ yet a Word to Me”.

In the mid-1990s his self-created beats came from generally a TR-808 and from mid-to-late 2000s, a TR-909 was utilized. In 1985, Too Short and Freddie B. shaped the name Dangerous Music to locally disperse his music, and with others framed rap bunch the Dangerous Crew. Risky Music turned out to be Short Records, and afterward Up All Nite Records. With his 1989 delivery, Life Is…Too Short, he started utilizing replayed set up funk riffs (instead of tests) with his beats.

Ensuing work was essentially shared, incorporating work with Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Scarface, and Pimp C. One of his remarkable coordinated efforts during this period was on the track “The World Is Filled…” on the exemplary Notorious B.I.G. collection Life After Death; he comes in on the third refrain after Diddy and Biggie. Being highlighted on the collection acquainted him with a more extensive crowd also, because of his commonplace style standing out significantly from the Mafioso subject of the collection. He likewise showed up on TWDY’s hit single “Player’s Holiday” from their 1999 presentation collection Derty Werk just as the Priority Records arrangement Nuthin yet a Gangsta Party. After these appearances, he started dealing with his eleventh collection, Can’t Stay Away. The collection included visitor appearances by 8Ball and MJG, Jay-Z, Jermaine Dupri, Sean Combs, E-40, Daz Dillinger, Lil Jon, Soopafly, Scarface and B-Legit.

Excessively Short moved to Atlanta in 1994, yet he didn’t start working with a more assorted assortment of Southern craftsmen until 2000, when he teamed up with Lil Jon. With the 1999 arrival of Can’t Stay Away, Too Short emerged from retirement, proceeding with his explicitly express, loosened up style of rap. New collections delivered 2000-2003 would you say you were Nasty (2000), Chase the Cat (2001), What’s My Favorite Word? (2002), and Married to the Game (2003). These collections all graphed genuinely well, as they all were in the best 71 of the Billboard 200, yet they didn’t do very just as Too Short’s previous 1990s deliveries as none of them arrived at the best 10.

In 2004, his prior 1990 single “The Ghetto” showed up on well known computer game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, playing on West Coast hip jump radio broadcast Radio Los Santos. Given that this was an extraordinarily well known game at that point, the including was acclaimed as a triumph for Too $hort, both in exposure and in the notoriety produced by the tune.

For his next collection, Blow the Whistle (2006), Too Short presently exploited the new hyphy rap music that was arising out of his unique headquarters in Oakland. This saw fairly a resurgence for Too Short as it crested at #14 on the Billboard 200, far superior to every one of his past three deliveries. Nonetheless, his ensuing deliveries, for example, 2007’s Get Off the Stage, have not been as effective. On October 7, 2008 Too Short was respected by VH1 at the fifth yearly “Hip-Hop Honors” alongside Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Slick Rick and Naughty By Nature.

In 2009, Too Short recorded for Daz Dillinger, Lil Jon, Soopafly, Scarface and B-Legit. In 2011, the rapper was highlighted on Wiz Khalifa’s tune “On My Level”. He likewise teamed up in Snoop Dogg’s 2011 collection, Doggumentary in the tune “Take U Home” and on the 50 Cent melody “First Date”. In 2012 Too Short alongside E-40 delivered two coordinated effort collections around the same time named History: Mob Music and History: Function Music. Both outlined in the main 100 on the Billboard 200 collections diagram. Too Short has said the best refrain he has ever recorded is a stanza for a tune on Dr. Dre’s Detox called “Man’s Best Friend (Pussy)”.

In 2013, it was reported he would work together with Lady Gaga on a tune “Gems n’ Drugs” for her forthcoming collection Artpop. Likewise highlighted on the tune are T.I. furthermore, Twista.

In 2013, Too Short was highlighted on the tune The Compliments by the Lonely Island on the wack collection.

In 2015, Too Short was included on entertainer Tavion Tate Guice otherwise called Tavion Millioune’s melody “Oakland Brookfield Dance”.

In 2016, Too Short was included on the melody “Cochino” by Korean American rapper Dumbfoundead. The melody is the seventh track off of Dumbfoundead’s fifth studio collection We Might Die.

Six years after his last delivery, Too Short delivered his twentieth collection The Pimp Tape on November 9, 2018. On December 20, 2019 he delivered his 21st collection The Vault.

Up All Nite Records 

Too Short runs his own record mark—Up All Nite Records. Craftsmen on the mark incorporate the Pack, Dolla Will, Boo Ski, Li’l J and Boi Payton, FX. Notwithstanding making Up All Nite Records, Too Short has been a tutor at Youth UpRising, a gathering serving in danger adolescents for quite a long while.

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Too Short assumed the part of Lew-Loc in the film Menace II Society. Too Short has additionally worked in the porno business, with the 2003 film Get In Where You Fit In. Too Short was an interviewee in American Pimp. Too Short featured in and played out the music for America’s Sexiest Girls 2003. Too Short has likewise showed up in a scene of The Game. Too Short showed up in Jay-Z’s video for the hit single Big Pimpin’. Too Short was in VH1’s Rock Doc, “Planet Rock”. Too Short made an appearance in the element film Stop Pepper Palmer with Scott Schwartz. Excessively Short delivered two directly to-DVD films also, 2001’s Too Short Uncensored, created by Jarrod Donoman and Terrell Taylor, the DVD Live Nationwide, and 2003’s Too Short Presents….Titty City again delivered by Taylor and accomplice Co Garrett.

Too Short net worth

The American rapper, maker, and entertainer who has a net worth of $15 million, Too Short procured his total assets through his hit singles and collections, his own record mark, just as his acting function in film and TV. Born Todd Anthony Shaw on April 28, 1966, in Los Angeles, California, Too Short procured overall distinction with his hit tunes The Ghetto and Blow the Whistle. Making his beginnings at 14 years old, he delivered his presentation collection, Don’t Stop Rappin’,

Legal issues 

On February 10, 2012, a video of Too Short was posted on XXL magazine’s site. In the video, Too Short gives “Paternal Advice” to late centre school and secondary school young men. In particular, he offers “two or three stunts” for physically controlling female privates “when you begin feeling a specific path about the young ladies.” The video caused a prompt clamour and was before long brought somewhere near XXL, which gave a conciliatory sentiment.

While on the Scoop B Radio Podcast in 2017, Too Short revealed to Brandon Scoop B Robinson that Jay-Z tested his “Blow the Whistle” melody in 2010 trying to enlist LeBron James to join the New Jersey Nets.

Personal life

Too Short married Erica Escarcega in 2000, at the turn of the millennium, which according to him, was very lucky and a testament to the fact that they both have stayed faithful to each other even after 20 years. She gave birth to his daughter Octavia, who is the only child of the rapper and he loves her very much.

Short is good friends or rather fast friends with fellow female rapper and hip-hop artist Monica Payne, whom he has had romantic relationships with before. However, they had previously broken up on good terms and continue to be fast friends, which does not bother his wife. Despite their breakup, they also appeared together on the reality show ‘Couple’s Therapy’, which was aired on VH1 and garnered quite positive and good reviews and is a good show.

Before being married or in a relationship with Payne, Short was in a brief relationship with American model and beauty Karrine Steffans, with whom he was with for a brief period of time before they decided they did not want to see each other. Everybody moves on, so did we, he says about the breakup.

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